Anonymous asked:
Thank you so much for answering. I am looking forward to all your new creations. Hopefully some narrative work on the horizon? The new 'Goofy' r.i.p is insane. Thanks, The Jellyfish

I have been doing some early work on a book thing with a loose narrative through the drawings that I plan to print in a small edition and then some more storytelling projects in the future, that feels like the next step. It would also be good to team up with a writer and make things if I get the chance.

Other things coming up in the future is a cartoony animation project/music video I’m working on that should be done in a few months, I will post some work in progress of that when I can, maybe some more animation next year if I have the time

Anonymous asked:
your personal opinion on digital art vs like physical art, which is more fun, more practical etc

Both are fun and practical, it’s all good!

Anonymous asked:
I imagine you've been asked this a thousand times but I am a jelly fish and so am unable to find an answer... How the heck do you colour? The process I mean. It is incredible. I bought your book at ELCAF. That's when I became a jellyfish. Thanks.

Thank you for buying my book!

I use a lot of layers in overlay mode with textures and shading in them in photoshop, some watercolor brushes/textures and sometimes graphite textures I’ve scanned. I usually start out in grayscale and then add the color scheme half way.  That’s the basic process and then I experiment with the different steps.